Bar Rail (1oz)                                                                     $5.95

(Banff Ice Vodka, Canadian Club, Sauza tequila, Captain Morgan, Beefeater Gin)

Premium Liqueur                                                             $6.95

Domestic Beer (Bottle)                                                  $4.99

Premium Beer (Bottle)                                                   $6.49

Small Draught                                                                    $5.95

Regular Draught                                                               $7.95


Chocolate Martini                                                           $9.95

1.5oz Banff Ice Vodka, Crème de Cacao shaken on ice, garnished with a Hershey Kiss

Canadian Club Caesar                                                    $6.95

1.5oz Canadian Club Whiskey, Worcestershire sauce, Clamato Juice, rimmed with Canadian Club Steak Spice

Cranberry Cosmo                                                             $9.95

1.5oz Banff Ice Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, served in a martini glass

Knob Creek Fashioned                                                  $7.45

1.5oz Knob Creek Bourbon, 2 dashes bitters, sugar, stirred and poured over ice garnished with orange peel

Screw Driver                                                                      $6.95

1.5oz Banff Ice Vodka, Orange Juice, grenadine, served on the rocks

Makers Sour                                                                      $7.45

1.5oz Makers Mark Bourbon, lime juice, sugar, skaken and poured over ice, garnished with a cherry

Bluegrass Lemonade                                                      $7.45

1.5 oz Jim Beam Bourbon, Triple sec, lemon juice, 7up, Sugar, garnished with a lemon wheel and served over ice

Sidecar                                                                                 $7.45

1.5oz Couvoiser VS, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice, shaken on ice and poured in a sugar rimmed glass

All Prices Before Tax